Monday, January 13, 2014

Forms, forms, forms

Filling out forms is tedious, but some career sites make it hair-pulling torture.

The conclusion I've reached is that forms are tedious for web designers and programmers too. Forms don't get the loving attention, editing, or testing they merit.

For example, one major corporation in Seattle makes it almost impossible to find their career site login even after you've created an account. It's as if they would prefer you logged in to the main site to buy more of their product.

Another major corporation in Seattle tells you up front that their career website only works with Internet Explorer. After using the site, even that is questionable. People have certain expectations when uploading documents and editing profiles. This site did not follow the norms.

The text tells the user to upload their resume, but there is no button. A mad hunt for the mystery button ensued, hitting dead ends, having to login to the site repeatedly. Another bit of text tells me to click the edit button next to documents, but the edit button is nowhere to be found. Then there's the text asking me which option I want to use and only gives me one option.

This is not how they treat customers, so why do they treat me this way?

These companies have federal contracts and are mandated this year to hire a certain number of people with disabilities. They aren't prepared to do what it takes.

The most accessible and user-friendly career site I've used so far is Simple, clean, easy to follow interface. User friendly. Do what they do.

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