Saturday, April 22, 2017

Camera shake

Being blind or visually impaired, iPhone training usually doesn’t cover the camera. We have challenges. However, we still love to share moments with others. While home recovering from knee surgery I decided to take an online iPhone photography course to see if those challenges could be addressed. Below are five tips to improve results.

Touching the shutter button on the iPhone screen can introduce camera shake. You end up with a blurry photo, especially in low light conditions. The volume buttons on the side of the iPhone can also release the shutter, but this too can introduce shake.

1. Before pressing the shutter, steady yourself by having your elbows close to your body or resting on a solid object like a table.

2. Turn the timer setting on. Once you press the shutter button you have time to steady yourself.

3. Tripods are affordable. You’ll need to get an iPhone mount from Amazon to attach your iPhone to the tripod. Still, pressing the buttons on the iPhone can cause shake, unless you use the timer.

4. Apple ear buds with volume buttons can release the shutter. Combine this with a tripod for a sure-fire way to avoid camera shake.

5. Another good option with your tripod is to use a bluetooth remote shutter release. They are easy to use and pare with your iPhone. Just remember to turn the remote off when done to save its battery.

I'm hoping that when the knee is better I can attend some beep baseball games and get good photos to share. Cowabunga!

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