Monday, January 21, 2013

Inserting braille characters on the Mac

Inserting braille has to be done one character at a time using Special Characters and the Apple Braille font. This works in TextEdit and Adobe CS. Using the Mac version of Word, look for the Apple Symbol font.

On the Apple desktop menu, go to Edit > Special Characters, click on the settings button> Customize list, select Code Tables, Select Unicode, select Braille Patterns, 00002800, double-click on the character you want to add to favorites, such as w, c, b, click the Add to Favorites button.

(It helps to know braille, but you can turn VoiceOver on to hear the character.)

To insert these chosen letters into a document, you have to bring up the character viewer, Favorites, then double click on each character. You can highlight and adjust the size.

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