Monday, January 7, 2013

Ramping up in 2013

This year, the Washington Council of the Blind is combining the Public Relations Committee and the Web Oversight Committee. Can you hear someone hyperventilating in the Pacific Northwest?

Priority number 1: Change the organizational goals for the website

Currently the website gets traffic three times three times a year: around board meetings and before convention. Highest number of unique visitors: about 430. It's basically a filing cabinet for the members. That's a start.

The definition of success: a website that generates traffic and spurs visitors to take action.

One person cannot make the website successful. A handful of people on a committee cannot make this website successful. There has to be input and "buy in" from the members.

To become more useful for members, potential members, partner organizations, donors, and media we need to review the current website content.

1. We will read the evaluations provided by the American Council of the Blind Public Relaltions committee last summer.
2. We will survey members, research our target audiences, and compile compelling content
3. Develop a process and timeline for making changes to the website
4. Develop a process and timeline for keeping content current
5. Promote the new content changes

Priority number 2: Public relations education

We will use traditional news releases, phone calls, email, and flyers. Members have to get comfortable with these tools. It is possible Rick Lewis can help us with PSAs for delivery on YouTube.

We need to access our social media capability. Who is using it? What platforms are they using? How well are they using it?

This week I am developing an editorial calendar that will help us keep content current... and praying for guidance.

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